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Industry Initiatives

Unified ID 2.0

We’re proud to unite our partners around a better approach to identity for advertisers, publishers, and consumers across the open internet.


An identity fabric for the open internet

Designed with the needs of modern marketers in mind, Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) provides holistic targeting and measurement for an internet that’s becoming more privacy-conscious.

Built to benefit the entire ecosystem

By converting email and phone number data into hashed, salted identifiers, UID2s can serve as a superior signal to cookies in myriad ways.

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How UID2 is different


Our collaborators


Get the latest on identity

Read more about Unified ID 2.0 and efforts to develop a better approach to identity for the open internet.

Technical Documentation

Ready to adopt Unified ID 2.0?

Review our technical documentation on GitHub to get started.

Access Unified ID 2.0

Please note that contacting The Trade Desk for access is temporary. When UID2 has transitioned to independent governance, the governing organizations will handle access requests.